Tabs are essentially money limits that enable guests to keep adding to an order until a certain payable amount is reached. Once a tab is reached, no more orders can be made.

Open a Tab

  1. Go to Settings > System > Enable Restaurant Mode and A.39 Enable Tab Limit for Table

2. Go to Table Maps.
3. Tap on a table.

4. Enter the number of Guests and the tab Amount.
6. Take the order as per usual, but tap HOLD/SEND instead of PAY. Re-open the order by tapping the table.
7. Tap PAY only when the tab is to be paid.

Change a Tab amount

  1. Tap a table to view the Tab Amount and the Tab Remaining.

  2. Tap the Tab Amount.

3. Enter a new Tab Amount.
4. Press Done

The Tab Remaining will update.

Closing a tab

When the tab amount is reached, no more items will be able to be added to the order.

  1. The 'Order exceeds bar tab limit' banner will appear.

2. Press PAY to close the transaction and clear the tab.

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