Go to Stock Management > Stocktake Sheet to manage your stocktake records as submitted by Abacus POS (via Stock Management) and the stock management app (via Bulk Update).

Add new stocktake record

  1. Click Add Row

2. Enter the Product Name/Product Code.
3. Select its Location. The amount of Stock On Hand will be loaded.
4. Select the Unit.
5. Enter the Stocktake quantity
6. Click Calculate to calculate the changes locally. Alternatively, click Save Draft to save the changes the server.
7. When you have completed the stocktake sheet, click Commit Changes. This will update the stock quantity accordingly.
8. Click View History to see these stocktake records.

Understanding the figures:

  • Variance = stocktake qty - stock on hand
  • Variance % [(stocktake qty - stock on hand)/stocktake qty]
  • Variance Cost = Product cost x variance %

Set Uncounted Stock to Zero

If you have not counted all your stock, click this button to set their stocktake values to zero.

Clear Data

Click Clear Data to start over with a fresh stocktake sheet.


"Detected bad display unit configuration for item [x] in row [y]. Please reconfigure the item."

If you see this message, it means that you've set a Display Unit without setting a Stock Unit.

  1. Go to Product Details
  2. Click the Stock Management tab
  3. Scroll down to Stock Quantity
  4. Set the Stock Unit
  5. Save.
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