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Connect your Deputy account to your Abacus account

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Connect your Abacus account

To connect your Deputy and Abacus accounts, open Abacus and Deputy as separate tabs in your browser. This will allow you to easily navigate between the two sites.

  1. Copy the whole Deputy URL to your clipboard.

Note: include the https://

2. In Abacus, go to Add-Ons > Deputy and Paste your Deputy URL

3. In Deputy, add "/exec/devapp/oauth_clients" at the end of your URL to access a specific page. For example, if your URL is, it would look like this:
4. Click New OAuth Client

5. In the Name field, enter "Abacus", and enter the Redirect URL ""
6. Click Save This OAuth Client

7. Click Get An Access Token

8. Copy the Access Token provided.

9. Paste the Access Token in the "Access Token" field in Abacus, then click Save.

10. Select your company from the drop-down list

11. Under Push All Staff to Deputy, click Start.

12. Your staff will be added to the People page on Deputy, and will receive an email inviting them to join Deputy.

Push/Sync Sales Data

  1. Under Push Sales Data to Deputy, select the dates of the sales data that you wish to push to Deputy. The period must not exceed one month (31 days).

  2. Click Start.

3. If you have sales data from more than one month, repeat the above steps for each month.
4. Under Push Sales Data to Deputy click ON  

Note: If you have not pushed sales data to Deputy previously, this procedure will push data from the past 7 days. If you include the last 7 days in your initial manual push, this should not duplicate the data.

Then, it will push sales data at every subsequent hour (at 12:59pm, 1:59pm, 2:59pm, etc.)

If you turn OFF the sales data push and then turn it on at a later stage, it will resume from where it was turned off (i.e. it fills in the gap so you lose no data).

5. Under Pull Total Timesheet Cost from Deputy (Daily), click ON. This will update the Labour Cost Report in Abacus.

Note: This will pull timesheet costs from Deputy every day at 23:59.

You will be able to see your sales activity from Abacus in Deputy's Schedule vs Timesheet vs Sales report in Deputy.

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