1. Login to your Woocommerce WordPress admin backend.

2. Go to Plugins > Add New

3. Click Upload Plugin.

4. Click Choose File, select the plugin zip file provided by Abacus (woocommerce-abacus-integration.zip) then click Install Now.

4. Activate Plugin

5. Go to WooCommerce > Settings

6. Click on the Abacus Integration tab.

7. Copy and paste the following information in their respective fields:

URL: https://api.posski.com/v5/

Access Token: (Request an access token from Abacus)

Application Name: 768LrkDRmnNvH5AYIN2jUVLxWwBzIBCbXWRMc6AHZ7U=

8. Scroll down and Save changes

9. Log into Abacus, and go to Add-ons > WooCommerce > Config.

10. Under Synchronisation Mode, click From Woo Commerce to Abacus.

11. In Abacus, enter your WooCommerce Store URL.

12. In WooCommerce, go to the API tab.

13. Go to Keys/Apps and click Add key.

14. Set the Description as Abacus and set the Permission as Read/Write
15. Click Generate API key.

16. You will be shown a Consumer Key and a Consumer Secret.
17. Copy each of these and paste them in their respective fields in Abacus.
IMPORTANT: The API key will be shown to you once only. Copy it into Abacus as soon as you see it, otherwise you will need to generate a new API key.

18. Finally, Save Settings.

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