A menu for Online Ordering (smartphone app and web feature) must be created straight from an existing POS Menu.

Please note that unlike the POS Menu, the Online Ordering Menu cannot have groups or notes. If your current menu has these features, you will need to create a new POS Menu for the Online Ordering Menu without these features.

Create an Online Ordering Menu

  1. Go to iPad Menu > Online Ordering
  2. Click Choose Online Ordering Menu

3. Choose a POS menu from the dropdown list. Click Select.

4. The menu will load. What were "tabs" in the POS Menu will now appear as tabs (under Menu List) in the online menu. Click a listing to see its items.

5. Click on any tab or item name to rename it. You may also change the price of any item.
Note: if you want to change actual products or add more to your online ordering menu, you will make these changes in the original POS Menu first, and then "Choose Online Ordering Menu" again.
6. Click and drag any product to rearrange it in its list.
7. When you are satisfied with your changes, click Publish.

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