Connect to Abacus POS

To connect your Westpac Presto Smart (model  VX 690) payment device to Abacus POS, please follow the following instructions:

Westpac payment device

  1. Go to Menu (ENTER + 3) > Utility > Network > Wifi > Scan New
  2. Select your "Abacus" network
  3. Enter your Abacus network password
  4. Press Pair with POS.
  5. Enter your Merchant password
  6. The payment device will show its IP Address


7. Go to Settings > Payment > Westpac Payment

8. Enter the IP Address (found in the Westpac payment device) in the field and tap Save, then Pair

Both devices:

9. Press Pair with POS again on the payment device. It will display a pairing code.

10. This pairing code will also appear on Abacus POS. Confirm the pairing code by pressing Yes on the payment device and Okay in Abacus.
11. Abacus will say that the device is paired

How to enter standalone mode (3G backup)

If you lose your main internet connection and you need to make card payments, you will need to use your Westpac card reader in standalone mode.

  1. Press ENTER + 3 
  2. Select 1) Unpair terminal
  3. Select Yes. The screen will display "Unpairing terminal".
  4. You will be asked to unpair from the POS. Select Yes. The screen will display "Unpairing terminal".
  5. When the unpairing has been completed, the screen will display "Terminal unpaired".
  6. The screen will then display "Pair with POS". This means your Presto Smart VX 690 is now in standalone mode.

How to disable Bluetooth on the Presto Smart

1. Enter standalone mode by pressing Enter + 1 simultaneously 

2. Enter the Merchant Password

3. Scroll down and press "Utility" then "Bluetooth Config"

4. Press "Remove Pairing" and press "X" to exit out of the standalone screen and return to integrated mode

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