NOTE: This is a beta feature that is only available on Abacus POS version New Feature #10. Please contact Abacus to acquire this version.

You can create a tag for a special range that yields a discount when a certain number of products has been selected from it.

Special range discount (based on tags)

Create a price trigger based on one tag, so when your customers order products with that tag, they get a discount.

 eg. "Buy 3 items from our special range and save $5 instantly"

1. Go to Products > Product Tags

2. Click Add New Item

3. Enter the Product Tag name. eg. Special range

Now that you have created the tag, you need to attach it to your products.

4. Go to Products > Products.

5. Find the first product that you want to attach the tag to. Click the pencil button to go to its details page.

6. Scroll down to Product Tags and enter the name of the tag you created; it should pop up as an option that you can select.

7. Save

8. Repeat steps 5-7 for all the products that you want to tag.

9. Go to Sales > Price Triggers

10. Click New Price Trigger

11. Enter the name of the price trigger

12. Click the pencil button to go to the Price Trigger Details

13. Set the Run Type as Run Multiple

14. Under Tags, click Add New Record.

15. Select the special range tag for the price trigger.

16. Change the quantity to what you want the minimum order number to be, in order to trigger the price change. eg. A quantity of 3 for the "specialty" tag means that the customer has to order 3 items from the specialty range before the price changes.

17. Under Outcome, select how you want the price trigger to behave.

eg. a "discount value" of $5, or a "discount percentage" of 10%.

18. Save.

19. Perform a Master Sync on Abacus POS.

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