You can manage all of your Leave applications from the Leave tab (via Rostering). 

However, first you will need to create the different kinds of Leave types you would like your staff to use when they are applying for leave (e.g. Holiday, Maternity Leave, Personal).

Creating Leave Types

1. Click Leave Type (via Rostering).

2. Click New Leave Type

3. You will be prompted to type the name of the leave type and then press enter. If you wish to delete any types you have made, simply click the X button for the particular type, under the delete column. 

Now you are all set to manage your leave from the Leave tab (via Rostering). 

Using the Leave Function

Upon entering the Leave tab, you will be welcomed with all of your current leave applications, specified by their type, staff, start/finish time, status, reason and who confirmed the application. 

You may also filter through your leave applications by start/finish dates or its approval status to efficiently sort through the information. 

Above the filters, you will see the Leave Calendar. Clicking that will take you to a calendar view of all your approved leave applications. You may navigate through the dates with the arrows, ‘Today’ button and Calendar Icon, and additionally change the view from day, week to month. 

Create a New Leave Application

1. Click New Leave Application

2. A popup window will appear, asking you to state the type of leave, the start/finish date and reason for the leave. 

3. Click Save

Approve/Reject Leave Application

  1. Once leave applications are made, it will appear on the Leave page and you will then be able to approve or reject that particular leave application. Start by clicking the pencil icon to the very right of a particular leave application. 

2. You will be taken to the Leave Details page, and it will display information such as start/finish date, total days of leave and its approval status. 

3. You can then choose to either Approve or Reject the leave application. Additionally, any related or supporting files can be uploaded below. 

4. Once this is complete, click Close and you will be taken back to the first Leave page. To view the approved or rejected leave applications, filter accordingly. 

Approving/Rejecting Leave Applications Submitted by Staff

  1. Staff are able to submit their own leave applications from the Roster Staff Portal ( 

2. Once they have submitted a request, Admins of the company will be automatically emailed to notify them that there is a leave application waiting to be approved or rejected. 

3. Admins can find this request in Leave (via Rostering), where they can approve/reject the application upon pressing the pencil button located to the right. 

4. Click Save when this is complete.

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