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A "note" is a small notice that send to the bar or kitchen. You can add it to an order, or you can send it on its own.


  • Customer provided cup
  • Send mains
  • Start plating dessert
  • Bring side plates

Creating notes

You need to edit your menu to create a note.

1. Go to POS > iPad Menu > POS Menu

2. Click the pencil button to edit a menu

3. Click Add Item where you want the note button to be

4.  Click Note

5. Enter your Note, e.g. “Start plating dessert”

6. Select the Printer Location(s) for the note

7. (OPTIONAL) Set an icon background

8. Click Save

9. Click Publish

10. Sync the menu on Abacus POS, and your note button will appear!

Using notes

  1. Press the note button

2. Press Send

3. The note will send to its designated printer location 

Notes for specific items

If you want to add a note to an individual item:

  1. Add an item to the order

2. Swipe left to show extra buttons

3. Press Options

4. Under Add Note, type a note that applies specifically to that product.

5. Press Done 

6. The item on the docket will appear with an individualised note 

Preconfigured notes

When using the above method of adding notes, you can also select notes from a preconfigured list.

To set these up:

  1. Go to the backend ( > POS Settings > Predefined Notes

2. Click Add New Note

3. Enter the note

4. Sync your menu on Abacus POS 

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