Once you have set up your Razor, you'll be able to explore all its features.

Make an order

Use the Register page to put through your orders


Go to Settings > Sync Settings to sync any changes made on the backend (e.g. surcharges, coupons, menus, printer locations)


Tap the Coupon icon to apply any discounts or coupons


  1. Create surcharges on the backend
  2. On Razor, go to Settings > Sync Settings and Sync Surcharge Settings
  3. Go to Settings > Payments and Enable Surcharge

Eat In/Takeaway/Buzzer/Delivery

Tap the knife and fork icon to change your service type: eat in, takeaway, buzzer, or delivery.

Search product

Tap the magnifying glass to search up a particular product.

Add notes

When putting through a transaction, tap under each item to add a note to that item.

To add a note to the whole order, click the note icon in the top right corner.

Slave mode

To switch the BladePay into Slave mode, go to Settings and toggle on Enable Standalone Mode. You'll have to scan the QR code on the Master Abacus POS Connection page to connect both devices.

To switch the BladePay into Standalone mode, toggle off Enable Standalone Mode on the BladePay and tap Connected: Click to Disconnect on the Master POS.


If you're using Razor in standalone mode, go to Printer Setup to discover nearby printers via wifi or bluetooth. All your dockets and receipts will print out at this printer.

If you're using Razor in slave mode, go to Printer Setup to change the Printer Location you want to send your receipts to. All your dockets and receipts will print out at the locations defined in your Master POS, but you'll be able to force print a second receipt to whichever Printer Location you select here.

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