This article will help you set up the Abacus AirPay app, which lets you take card payments using the ANZ BladePay™. If you want to actually take orders on the ANZ BladePay™, refer instead to the guide about Razor, our dedicated ordering app for the the ANZ BladePay™.

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What you need

  • ANZ BladePay™ device
  • FastPay Merchant ID and Username (from ANZ)
  • Wi-Fi details
  • Your mobile phone
  1. Press the “Let’s get started” button.

2. Change time/date/Time Zone if required and press Next.

3. Turn on Wifi and select your Abacus POS network, then press Next.

4. The ANZ BladePay™ device will prompt you to set up ANZ FastPay® Next Generation.

Enter your Merchant ID and Username and press the Log In button.

5. A One-Time Passcode will be sent to the mobile phone number associated with the ANZ BladePay™ merchant facility.
Enter the 8 digit code into the One Time Passcode field and press Log In.

6. A screen outlining how to create the 4 digit PIN to comply with ANZ standards will be presented.
The 4 digit PIN created during this process will be used for all subsequent logins by this user.
The username and PIN can be used to set up other devices that are associated to the Merchant facility without having to set up additional users or generate another One-Time Passcode.

Press OK to confirm you have understood the PIN requirements.

7. Create a PIN.

8. Confirm the PIN.

9. Re-enter the PIN to log in to the ANZ BladePay™ device.

10. Press Link App Suite.

11. Enter in the App Suite code for AirPay: 3B9E-PVD9-CZTV-JMXN

AirPay is only compatible with Abacus POS beta.

Enter the App Suite Name "Abacus", then Continue.

12. Your Abacus application will now download to the ANZ BladePay™ device. Once the download is complete, the app icon will appear on the menu. Tap on it to start the next part of the setup process.

Pair with Abacus POS

If you're using the ANZ BladePay™ purely as a payment device, you'll need to pair it to your Master Point of Sale.

  1. On AirPay, enter your Merchant ID and Username and press Authenticate.

2. Enter your Merchant PIN.

3. Press the Settings icon.

You will see your Settings page.

4. On your Master POS, go to Settings > Payment and enable Custom Payment.

5. Select ANZ FastPay and press Enable: ANZ BladePay

6. A QR code will appear.

7. On AirPay, press Scan QR Code from POS.

8. Scan the QR code displayed on Abacus.

9. Back on the main AirPay page, the connection status will be shown for:

  • Internet Status - whether AirPay is online
  • Server Status - whether AirPay is connected to the external server
  • Abacus POS Status - whether Abacus POS is connected to the external server

When all three icons are green, you know you're ready to start taking card payments!

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