Please note that this integration is no longer supported.

What you need:

  • CommBank Albert EFTPOS device

  • Your App Bank credentials, provided by Commonwealth Bank

  • Abacus POS installed on an iPad

Install Abacus Pay

  1. Tap the App Bank icon

2. Tap the Login icon, enter your App Bank credentials, then tap Log on

3. Tap the Search icon, and look up "Abacus Pay"

4. Select Abacus Pay, tap Install, then Confirm Install

5. Abacus Pay will be downloaded to your Albert device. 

Connect your payment device

Enable POS connection to Albert

  1. On your Abacus POS, go to Settings > Payment > Custom Payments > Albert.

2. Tap the Enable: Albert button.

3. A QR code will appear. This means your POS is ready for a CommBank Albert EFTPOS tablet to connect with it. Continue to the next section.

Connect Albert to POS

  1. Open Abacus Pay

  2. Press Scan QR Code.

3. Your CommBank Albert's camera will be activated.

4. Use the camera (located at the bottom of the device) to scan the QR Code on the Abacus POS screen.

5. In the bottom right corner of the screen, the connection status will appear as CONNECTED.

6. Press the Order icon in the bottom centre.

7. The Order screen will launch.

8. Now, when you take an order on Abacus POS, it will appear on your Albert EFTPOS tablet.

Please note that after every transaction, you will need to manually accept the prompt on Albert to finalise the payment. A workaround for this is if you make the receipt auto-print, by setting C18 Merchant Copy Printing Behaviour to NEVER PRINT and by setting to C19. Customer Copy Printing Behaviour to ALWAYS PRINT.

Disconnect your payment device

Disable POS Connection to Albert

  1. On your Abacus POS, go to Settings > Payment > Custom Payments > Albert.

2. Tap the button Connected: Tap to disconnect.

3. The QR code will disappear.
4. On your CommBank Albert, the connection status will change from CONNECTED to DISCONNECTED.

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