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About the Customer Mobile App

Abacus offers customised mobile apps for businesses to allow their customers to view their loyalty points, and place orders that get sent directly to your POS.

Terms & Conditions

All customers who sign up agree to our Terms of Service and your Privacy Policy.

We ask that you send to us (in pdf form) your Privacy Policy, which we will upload. You should mention in this document if the customer's contact details will be used for marketing.

Before you start

The first step to setting up your online store is to fill out online forms to provide Abacus your app such as your logo and your store address. Ensure you have filled out the forms for your:

  • Mobile Ordering Application
  • Abacus Pay Registration

You will also need to have a HQ account in order to host an online store. If you don't have this already, Abacus will set this up for you.

Online Ordering Menu

Unlike the POS Menu, the Online Ordering Menu cannot have groups, notes, or second level product variants (product variants of product variants). If your current menu has these features, you will need to create a new POS Menu for the Online Ordering Menu without these features, see How to optimise your menu for online ordering.

Given you have made an online ordering menu, the mobile app will automatically load any updates to the menu when its store is selected, given there is connection to the internet.

Store Information

You need to log into each store’s backend (not HQ) to change its address, opening hours, or photo.

You must have:

  • Payment setup
  • Online Ordering menu
  • Opening hours
  • At least one order type selected


Go to Configuration > Company Profile > Contact > Primary > Address

Opening hours

Go to Online Ordering > Opening Hours to update your opening hours then Save.

Go to POS > iPad Menu > Online Ordering Menu > Design (or Company Profile > Photos > Company Profile Image)

Old generation:


To set your delivery fees:

  1. Go to Online Ordering > Configuration
  2. Scroll down to Delivery Fees
  3. Select whether you charge a Flat Fee or Per KM
  4. Save

To set up your delivery areas:

  1. Click new Delivery Area
  2. Enter the postcode range
  3. Save

Customer Loyalty

When a customer signs up, they will be registered in your business's backend under Customers. They can sign up using:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Email

 Any orders made by them and any points earned via the app will be tied to their name.

Your points program is completely configured in the Loyalty Marketing Module on the backend.

Terms & Conditions

Go to Configuration > Company Profile > Online Store in your HQ account to change your Loyalty Program Terms & Conditions that are displayed in the app.

  • Short description: appears under the Refresh button
  • Long description: appears on a separate Terms & Conditions page that is accessed via the Terms & Conditions button

"Your Points" screen
If you have a customer mobile app from Abacus, your customers can see how many points they have earned in your loyalty program.

QR Code
This page displays a QR code to identify your customer.

This can be scanned on the Customer-Facing Display or on the POS, to attach a customer to an order. This is how they earn points in-store.

NOTE: Points can only be redeemed for orders made in-store, not via the app. Points can be earned in-store and via the app, but may take up to 24 hours to appear in the app.

Total Points/Stamps

Depending on how your loyalty system has been set up, your customers' points will be displayed as either:

  • A total point count: as customers earn points, the point count will increase.
  • Stamps: as the customer earns stamps, they will be lit up on the screen.

When the customer has earned enough stamps/points, they will be able to redeem a product or a discount (depending on your loyalty system) by scanning their QR code as above. Once redemption takes place, the stamps/points will be reset to 0.

It may take up to 24 hours for changes to appear on the app, but you can try refreshing by pressing the Refresh button.

Customise App Settings

Go to Online Ordering > Configuration to make changes to suit your operational workflow.

  • To delay docket printing: Set the Order Preparation Time (minutes) for the length of time it will take to prepare a meal; the docket won't print until x minutes before the pickup time. This can also be set on the POS (Online Orders > Preparation Time)
  • To auto-accept orders:  Enable Setting A10. Auto Confirm Online Orders (on the POS) to automatically accept every order that comes in
  • Min. Order Price: Set a minimum order amount that is required of customers to place an order online
  • Delivery Fee: Add a delivery fee to be added to the total order when customers choose "Delivery"
  • App Name (HQ account): This is the name of your customer app as it will appear on customers' smartphones.

Testing the app

You can put payments in "Sandbox" mode on the backend:

  • Select Sandbox when testing the app, to prevent actual payments from occurring. Please note that the order will still go through.
  • Select Production when you're ready for customers to actually use the app.

Disable online ordering

  • On the POS, press Close Store to temporarily disable online ordering.  Customers will be able to view your menu, but not put through an order
  • To temporarily disable online ordering, untick Is In Operation (Configuration > Company Profile > Online Store for your current site). Users can still get directions and browse your menu
  • To completely hide a store from the app, untick Active Online Store (Configuration > Company Profile > Online Store for your current site)

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