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If you have a customer mobile app from Abacus, your customers can place an order that gets sent directly to your POS. Before following how the online ordering works, you should make sure you have set up your mobile app correctly.

Here is what is in the app!

  • Menu- browse the menu and place an order
  • Store Locator- find a store near you
  • Loyalty- view how many points you have earned
  • Order History- view and re-order previous orders
  • Profile- update your details

    If customers press any of these buttons, they will be prompted to sign in/up. Customers can browse the menu via Online Ordering without signing in, but will be prompted to sign in to proceed with an order.

Log in

  1. Customers can sign up with their Facebook account, Google account, or email account

2. They will be prompted to add their name and set a password (at least 6 characters). The email will be based on the provided account.

3. Having signed up, a customer will automatically be registered in your business's backend (Customer page). Any orders made by them and any points earned via the app will be tied to their name.

Find a store

If a customer already knows which store they want to order from, they can go straight to Online Ordering. Otherwise, they may wish to find their closest store.

  1. Upon pressing Store Locator from the Home Page, the closest store will be suggested, based on the customer's location (with location enabled on their device). The map, address, and opening hours will be shown

2. The customer can tap Get Directions to launch Google Maps, which will provide directions to get to the closest store

3. The customer can tap List All Stores to view a list of all of your company's stores, with their addresses

4. They can then select another store for a map of that location, and directions to that store.

You must contact the Abacus team directly to update this store information.

Place Order

  1. Press Online Ordering

2. Select a Store to order from. All your company's stores will be shown. If any store is closed, the customer will not be able to order from that store.

3. When a store is selected, its menu will appear.

4. Select a product to add it to the order.

5. (Optional) Select product variants if the product has any (e.g. extra cheese, upgrade to combo). If there is an extra cost to any variants, it will be added to the order.

6. Press Add to make it part of the order

7. Add any other products to the order

8. Press the cart button when you are ready to put through your order

9. Review the Order Details.

10. Press Add Items to add more products, or press Proceed to continue with the order

11. Select an order type:

  • Eat-In
    Customers are already in your store. They enter the table number that they are sitting at, so the food can be served straight to their table.
  • Takeaway
    Customers will come by to pick up their order and take it away with them. They will select a suitable pickup time for them and be alerted when their food is ready to collect. 
  • Delivery
    Customers will enter their delivery address, so your delivery staff know where to drop off the food. Your customer will be notified when their food is on its way.

12. Eat-In: Select which table number you are at

Takeaway: Select the time you will pick up your order

Delivery: Enter your the address where you want the order delivered, and the preferred delivery time

13. Scroll down to review your Contact Details. A receipt will be sent to the provided email address.

14. Scroll down to the payment section. Press the card button to add a credit card

15. Enter your credit card details then press Add a New Card

It will be stored for subsequent use. Customers with more than one stored card can select which credit card they wish to use.

16. Press Place Order

You will be redirected to the Order Tracking page, where you can see the progress of your order.

Order Tracking (What your customer sees)

An order will follow these steps:

  1. Payment processing/waiting for store response. Before your customer's order can be accepted by your business, the payment needs to be processed first.
  2. Order submitted. The payment has been processed, and your business has received an alert saying that there is a new online order. You will need to accept or reject the order on your POS.
  3. Being prepared. You have accepted an order and are preparing it.
  4. Ready. You have marked an order as complete, which means your customer can pick it up now (for takeaway), or that it will be brought to them soon (for eat-in), or that it is in transit (for delivery).
  5. Completed. The order has been picked up/served/delivered.

The progress is prompted by your processing of the order (see below).

Order Processing (What you see)

Viewing orders

  1. Press the online order (trolley) button on the POS to view Online Orders.

2. All online orders will be shown in a list. Press an online order listing to hide/show its contents.

All online orders will remain on this page, and will not show on the main POS screen.

Accepting orders

The label under the "Confirmed" column tells you the status of an order. When the payment is has been processed, it will have a "NEW" label.
The trolley icon will also start blinking to alert you that there is a new order.

Prior to saying "NEW", the label will say "Processing" as the payment is being processed. You won't notice this unless you're already on the Online Orders page, because there will be no alert until the payment has been completely processed. You cannot accept an order while payment is still being processed.

  1. Press NEW > ACCEPT

Preparing orders

When the order is ready to go, press ACCEPTED > READY

Completing an order

Depending on the order type:

  • Your customer will pick up the order (takeaway)
  • You will serve it to the customer's table (eat-in)
  • You will deliver the order (delivery).

When the order has been served to the customer, press READY > COMPLETE

Rejecting orders

You may reject an order because you are too busy, or because you have run out of an ingredient.

When you reject an order, you can select a rejection reason from a predefined list:

  • Store is closed
  • Insufficient ingredients
  • Store is exceptionally busy

The customer will see this rejection reason in their Order Tracking page.

Note: All payments for rejected orders will take 3-4 days to be refunded to the customer, depending on their bank.

View Past Orders


A list of past orders (made through the app) will display on the customer mobile app's Order History page detailling:

  • Name of the store
  • Amount spent
  • Date and time of order
  • Status of order (completed or rejected)

Customers can tap on an order to see its details, including what products were ordered, as well as any product variants that were chosen.

Re-order old orders

On the Order History Details page, customers can tap Re-Order to repeat the order.

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