In this article:

  • Open POS Register
  • Open cash drawer
  • Cash Pay In/Pay Out
  • Close POS Register
  • Apply Discounts & Coupons
  • Refunds
  • Update Menu
  • Change App Settings & Update App Version
  • Reports

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Open POS Register

  1. Use the keypad to enter the amount of cash in the register (your float).
  2. Press OPEN.

    If you accidentally skip this step, open the navigation menu and go to POS Register to return to this page.

Open cash drawer

Tap the printer icon and press OPEN.

Cash Pay In/Pay Out

Each time you top up the float or use petty cash, you must update the POS Register for reporting.

  1. Go to POS Register.
  2. Enter the cash amount.
  3. Press CASH PAY IN (inserting cash) or CASH PAY OUT (extracting cash).

4. Enter a Comment, then SUBMIT.
If you have already created suppliers on the backend (POS > Stock Management > Suppliers), you can also select a supplier.

Close POS Register

  1. Select the cash type (e.g. $5 notes).
  2. Enter the quantity of that cash type (e.g. 2 × $5 notes).
  3. Press SUBMIT. Repeat for the rest of your cash.
  4. Press FINALISE.Please note that once you finalise your closing amount, this cannot be changed.

5. Submit the amounts of your other payment methods.
If you have non-integrated EFTPOS, find the sales total on your EFTPOS device.
For other payment methods, go to Reports > Current Register Summary.

If the POS detects a discrepancy, enter a Reason for the cash variance, then press SUBMIT.

Apply Discounts & Coupons

To apply a discount:

  • For the whole order, tap DISCOUNT
  • For a specific item, tap its PRICE

Then enter either:

  • A percentage discount (e.g. "10" + % DISCOUNT for 10% off)
  • A dollar discount (e.g. "10" + $ DISCOUNT for $10 off)

If you have multiple consolidated items, you can:

  • Change the total price for this sale only (e.g. "4" + MODIFY for 2 coffees to cost $4 in total)
  • Change the product price for this sale only (e.g. "4" + CHANGE UNIT PRICE for 2 coffees to cost $8 in total)

For coupons:

  • General coupons can be selected in the DISCOUNT popup
  • Coupons with a QR code can be scanned in when you press the scanner button at the top of the screen.


  1. Go to Order History.
  2. Swipe left on the order you wish to refund.
    Note: Orders are retained in the order history for 30 days.
  3. Press Refund.

4. Select the reason for the refund.
These reasons can be preconfigured on the backend (POS > POS Settings > Refund Reasons).
5. Tick the items you want to refund.
6. Select the payment method through which you wish to perform the refund: Cash or Credit Card.
Cash payments cannot be refunded through credit card. 

Update Menu

This can only be done on the Master POS, or on the backend.

  1. Tap the cog next to your menu name.

2. Select a product.
If you want to add a product instead, press an empty tile with a + sign.
If you want to change product variants, you will need to log into the backend.

3. Change the details and press UPDATE.

4. Press SAVE MENU.

For more details, check this article.

Change App Settings & Update App Version

Go to Settings > System for your POS app settings.

To save your current POS settings to the cloud, tap SAVE TO SERVER.

To retrieve POS Settings from the cloud, tap GET SERVER SETTINGS.

To get the latest version of Abacus, tap UPDATE APP VERSION.


When you close the register, you will be prompted to print a cash register summary. You can also print it by going to Reports.

Print Current Register Summary

  1. Go to Reports > Current Register Summary.
  2. Press Print.
  3. Your current register summary will print from the POS printer.

Print Historical Register Summary

  1. Go to Reports > Register History.
  2. Select a date, then press Done.
    The beginning and end times will correspond to the times you last opened and closed the POS Register. 
  3. Press Print.
  4. Your selected register summary will print from the POS printer.

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