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1. Logging into the Abacus backend

  • Logging into the Abacus backend
  • Accessing backend functions and settings

2. Viewing the Dashboard screen

  • Viewing the different areas of the Dashboard screen

3. Creating coupons

  • Creating coupons on the backend
  • Using coupons on the POS

4. Credit accounts

  • Creating credit accounts on the backend
  • Using credit accounts on the POS
  • Topping up credit accounts on the POS

5. Viewing and creating invoices

  • Viewing invoices for paid orders
  • Creating invoices for upcoming orders
  • Using filtering options to find specific invoices

6. Creating surcharges

  • Creating surcharges for specific credit card types
  • Creating surcharges for public holidays and Sundays
  • Creating surcharges for specific guest counts

7. Creating and modifying products

  • Adding a product to the product database
  • Using filtering options to find specific products
  • Modifying details for products
  • Modifying details for products in bulk
  • Using Quick Add to add a product to the product database

8. Creating and modifying Product Variants

  • Creating product variants and configuring their settings
  • Assigning prices to product variant values
  • Reordering product variant groups and product variant values

9. Nested product variants (creating a combo)

  • Creating Combo product to be used as a variant value
  • Linking Combo product to Combo variant value
  • Assigning product variant groups to Combo product

10. Categories

  • Creating categories for products
  • Assigning products to categories
  • Filtering products by category
  • Assigning/removing categories to products
  • Assigning/removing categories to products in bulk
  • Viewing Sales by Category report
  • Creating category groups
  • Viewing category group sales in Sales by Category report

11. Creating and customising POS menus

  • Creating/editing a POS menu
  • Adding tabs, rows and colours to a POS menu
  • Creating and adding a product to a POS menu
  • Adding an existing product to a POS menu
  • Adding images for products on a POS menu
  • Deleting products and tabs from a POS menu
  • Adding a product as a tab on a POS menu
  • Adding a group inside a tab on a POS menu
  • Publishing/Unpublishing a POS menu
  • Downloading a backup of a POS menu
  • Duplicating and deleting a POS menu
  • Importing a POS menu from an Excel spreadsheet
  • Creating a default menu based on categories that are assigned to products

12. Reports

  • Viewing the Sales Activity report
  • Viewing the Sales Summary report
  • Viewing the Top Selling Products report
  • Viewing the Sales by Category report
  • Viewing the Cash Register report
  • Filtering reports by day, week and month view
  • Filtering reports by payment method
  • Filtering reports by order type
  • Exporting reports

13. Viewing Clock In/Clock Out report

  • Viewing the clock in/clock out report for staff
  • Manually creating a time sheet for staff
  • Exporting clock in/clock out report

14. Configuring app settings from the backend

  • Setting the maximum order number
  • Configuring app settings
  • Getting app settings from the server on the POS
  • Syncing specific information from the backend on the POS

15. Predefined notes and refund, discount and delete reasons

  • Creating refund, discount and delete reasons
  • Applying refund, discount and delete reasons on the POS
  • Configuring the POS to prompt for reason when applying discounts
  • Creating predefined notes
  • Applying predefined notes to items and orders

16. Table maps

  • Creating and editing table maps
  • Adding objects to table maps
  • Resizing and duplicating objects on the table map
  • Setting table names and seating capacity for tables

17. Payment methods

  • Creating payment methods on the backend
  • Using payment methods on the POS

18. Configuring printers and printer locations

  • POS Counter printer locations and its function
  • Create new printer locations
  • Assigning products to printer locations
  • Applying printer locations to products in bulk
  • Checking if printer locations are assigned to products on the POS
  • Discovering and configuring a new printer on the POS
  • Renaming and deleting a printer on the POS
  • Testing a printer on the POS
  • Applying printer locations to specific printers
  • Opening the cash drawer and resuming/deleting print tasks

19. Printing templates

  • Editing printing templates
  • Using placeholders in a printing template
  • Viewing examples of order dockets

20. User accounts

  • Creating user accounts
  • Syncing changes to user accounts
  • Logging into a new user account using a PIN

21. Customer accounts

  • Adding customers to the database
  • Exporting the customer database to an Excel spreadsheet

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