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How to set up SuperiorPay

If you wish to take payments in Abacus for WeChat Pay or Alipay, you will need to have a SuperiorPay account.

  1. Sign up to SuperiorPay

  2. You will be issued a Merchant ID

  3. On Abacus POS, go to Settings > Payment > Other Payments > SuperiorPay (formerly SuperPay)

  4. Enter your SuperiorPay Merchant ID

  5. Save

Please note that if you have an existing Merchant ID for WeChat Pay or Alipay, this will not work. You need to have one issued by SuperiorPay.

How to pay with SuperiorPay

  1. On the payment screen, press the green Options button to expand your options, then tap SuperiorPay

  2. A window will appear, displaying what the iPad camera can see. If necessary, tap Invert to switch between the front camera and the reverse camera.

  3. Ask your customer to present their Alipay or WeChat Payment QR code to the camera

  4. Complete the transaction

  5. The Payment Method will be recorded as WeChat Payment or Alipay, depending on what your customer had paid with

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