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You are able to onboard to Stripe Payments so that later, when Stripe Payments is activated, you can accept payments made via Apple Pay and Google Pay.

How to onboard to Stripe Payments

  1. Go to Online Ordering > Payment Setup

2. Under Stripe Payment, click Setup

3. You will be redirected to our Stripe Payments onboarding portal.

4. Follow the prompts to verify your identity. You will need your mobile phone and your business details, such as Australian Company Number/Australian Business Number and bank details.

5. At the end of the onboarding process, you be redirected back to Abacus and the Onboarding Completed box will be ticked.

How to activate Stripe Payments

When Stripe Payments is ready to be activated, the Activate/Deactivate toggle switch will appear, which you will need to toggle on to Activate.

You will then be able to start taking payments via Stripe Payment.

After your first successful online order, you will have the first payout disbursed to your account in 7-14 days.

Find out more about receiving payouts.

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