To allow a customer to order multiples of a single value, in the backend, tick Include Quantity, e.g. 1 x sugar, 2 x sugar, 3 x sugar.

Without this option ticked, the user can only select each value once, and if they tried to select it a second time, it would be deselected.

With this option ticked, the user can tap the same product variant value multiple times to add it multiple times.


By default, if you “Include Quantity”, the multiples of an ingredient will be consolidated into one line on the POS.

E.g. “Tapping “Choc wafer” twice will show “2 x Choc wafer” as below

Not consolidated

If you want these product variant values to be listed separately, tick “Do Not Consolidate” and each instance of it will be shown on its own line.

If you ever want to use Rules for Product Variant, and if you have “Include Quantity” enabled, you must also have “Do Not Consolidate”.

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