When you accept or reject an online reservation request on the POS, an email will automatically notify your customer of their reservation outcome. (These emails can be customised.)

You can also manually contact your customers by retrieving their phone number and email address, or by sending an SMS directly from the POS.

Retrieve phone number and email address

On the Reservations screen in Abacus, tap the Reservation listing.

The customer Email Address and Phone Number will display in the popup, so you can note them down and contact your customer.

Send an SMS

1. To send SMS via Abacus, you will need to have topped up your SMS credit (Configuration > Company Profile > SMS Credit > Top Up)

2. On the Reservations screen in Abacus, tap the Smartphone icon.

3. Type a message within the grey box. You can also tap a button below to pre-fill the message. Your SMS must be 160 characters or less.

Note: The SMS will come from "Abacus", so ensure that you mention your company's name in the text message so your customers know who is sending the message. Customers will not be able to respond to this SMS.

4. Tap SEND

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