If your customers request a reservation online, you can impose a deposit for guest counts over a certain number, e.g. $5 per person for reservations of 15 people and more.

This deposit will be taken as soon as a customer places the request for their reservation.

Set up deposits

  1. Go to Reservations > Reservation Sessions
  2. Scroll down to Deposit
  3. Enter the Minimum Guest To Charge Deposit.
  4. Enter the required Deposit per Guest. Alternatively, you could fill in a Deposit per Reservation if you want the deposit amount to be the same regardless of the number of guests.
  5. Click Save.

When placing a reservation online, your customer will be prompted to enter their card details for any reservation that requires a deposit.

View deposits on POS

The deposit will be applied to the order so the amount owing is a negative figure.

  1. Tap the coin icon to view the deposit amount.

2. The total figure will automatically update as the order is taken.

NOTE: The total order amount must eventually equal or exceed the deposit amount for the transaction to be completed.

See also: How do I refund an online reservation deposit?

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