You can set up variants to be automatically selected on the kiosk to speed up your customer's ordering experience.

This is especially useful if you want to have default options pre-selected so your customer does not need to consider every option in order to proceed with their order.

  1. Go to the Product Variants page and fill in the Minimum Selection field. This is the total number of product variant values that you want to be selected.

  2. Tick Auto select minimum number of variant. Note that if you do not have "Auto select minimum number of variants" turned on, but you do have a minimum selection, your customers will be prompted to select the minimum number of variants, without having any options pre-selected. Turning on this option will automatically select the first options on the list.

For example, if you have 10 pizza toppings, and you set a Minimum Selection of 3, the first three variant values will be selected (1 each). This is even if you have "Include Quantity" turned on.

3. Save

4. Go to Online Ordering > Menu and Save.

5. On the POS, Sync all products and extras to make sure your POS menu matches your kiosk menu.

6. On the Self-Ordering Kiosk, go to Settings and Sync the menu.

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