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Connect via discovery

  1. Make sure that both the Table Ordering iPad and the Master POS iPad are connected to the same network.

  2. On your Master POS iPad, go to Settings > Connection. Note the Device Address.

  3. On your Table Ordering iPad, launch the Table Ordering app


5. A popup will appear with a list of devices that are connected to your network

6. Select the option that matches the Device Address of your Master iPad.

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Connect via entering IP address

If you are having issues discovering your Master POS, check your network and try connecting manually:

  1. Tap outside of the discovery popup to close it

  2. Enter the Master POS Device Address into the IP Address field

  3. Tap CONNECT.

4. When you are successfully connected, the POS will show “Table Ordering” under the Client List on the Connection screen, with a green WiFi icon.

Switch on the toggle to enable the connection.

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Disconnect Table Ordering and POS

  1. On the Table Ordering app, tap on Powered by ABACUS in the top right corner

  2. Under Connection, tap DISCONNECT

  3. On the Table Ordering app, you will be returned to the connection screen. On the Master POS, the Table Ordering listing will be removed from the Client List.

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