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A product will only be added to your inventory when you have marked it as being a "stock" item. You will not be able to use any stock management tools for any product that is not marked as being "stock".

How to make an individual product a stock item

  1. Go to Product Details

2. Click the Stock Management Tab

3. Tick the Stock Item checkbox

4. Save

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How to mark multiple products as stock items

A fast way to mark multiple products as stock is to:

  1. Tick the products

  2. Click Settings

3. Go to the Options tab

4. Tick Stock Item

5. Click Save

If you ever want to check that a product is marked as "stock", you will still need to go into the individual product details.

Make sure not to untick "Stock Item" unless you are absolutely sure that you want to remove all its associated stock management information.

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Mark stock items in bulk using a CSV file

If you are an advanced Excel spreadsheet user and you're familiar with CSV files, you can import a Products list that changes your products to Stock items.

  1. Create a spreadsheet with the columns:

  • Product Code: enter the existing product codes of your products that you wish to mark as stock. Important: these must match your existing product codes

  • StockItem: enter "TRUE"

2. Save the spreadsheet as a CSV file, with the file name "Stock products"

3. Go to POS Settings > Bulk Import
4. Under Import, select Product
6. Select "Stock products.csv"
7. Click Import

The "Is Stock" option will now be ticked for all the products whose Product Codes you included in the CSV file.

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