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Once you have set up stock management, there are multiple ways that you can stock in a product.

Stock in via Stock Level page

On the backend:

  1. Go to Stock Management > Stock Level

  2. Click the + button

  3. Select the Location and the Stock In amount, then click Save

4. The stock amount will update accordingly.

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Stock in via Stock Details page

  1. Instead of clicking the + button, click the pencil button

2. Under Transaction List, click Stock In

3. Select which Location you are stocking into
4. Enter the Stock In amount
5. (OPTIONAL) Add a Note
6. Click Save

7. The table will update:

  • A Stock In transaction will be recorded under the Purchases column

  • Any stock movement (stock in, out, transfer) will also be recorded under the Movement column

  • The new final total of stock will appear under Balance

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Bulk Import Stock

Import stock numbers in bulk either by performing a Bulk Stock In or a Bulk Stocktake Import.

Bulk Stock In (adds to existing stock numbers)

  1. Create a CSV file

  2. Enter the headers in the first row: "Product Code" and "StockIn"

  3. Enter the corresponding stock data in the rows underneath

4. Save as a CSV file (.csv)
5. Go to POS Settings > Bulk Import
6. Import the CSV file as a Product file

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