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Once you have Stock Management set up for your account, you can do stocktake.

You should only take stock for countable products.

For example, you will not count coffees or cocktail, but you may count the cartons of milk that you use (to make coffees) or the bottles of liquor that you use (to make cocktails).

There are two main to do stocktake on the backend:

  • Add Stocktake Rows: Add each row of your products individually, and enter the amount of stock for each

  • Use a Stocktake Spreadsheet: download a spreadsheet, change the quantities for each product, then import it. This is the fastest way to do stocktake, though you will not know the variance in costs (for your stock on hand compared to your actual stock) until you import the sheet.

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How to Add Stocktake Rows

1. Go to Stock Management > Stocktake Sheet

2. Click Add Row for each product that you want to count

3. Select the Product (searching by either the name or the product code)

4. Select the Location that you are stocktaking for

5. Enter the Unit Quantity and the Unit.

If you have set up ordering units (Product Details > Stock Management tab), you will also be able to have more than one row with different ordering units, then you will later be able to consolidate those units.

For example, you may have 10 milk cartons per box. Instead of counting each individual milk carton when doing your stocktake, you can count the number of boxes, then count the number of remaining milk cartons that are not in a box.

6. When you have created all the rows you want, click Consolidate. Any repeated product rows will be added together to show the total amount of Stocktake Quantity in that location.

In the above example, 1 box equals 10 units of milk, so if you count 1 box and 1 unit of milk, the system will calculate that you have a total of 11 cartons of milk.

7. If you have counted all the stock that you have, click Set Uncounted Stock to Zero. This means that when you submit the stocktake sheet, any products which are not on this sheet will be registered as having 0 stock; otherwise, the products not listed on this sheet will not be changed. Think of it as the "If I can't see the stock, it doesn't exist" button.

9. Add the Stocktake Time, then click Commit Changes.

Make sure that the stocktake time is the actual time that you counted the stock. For example, if you did stocktake at 8am, then continued trading at 10am, your stock amounts will have reduced since stocktake, and the system will account for this when you submit the right time.

9. Once the stocktake sheet is committed, the table will be cleared and the stocktake will be updated in your stock levels

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Clear Data

If you ever want to start over with a fresh stocktake sheet and discard your changes, click Clear Data.


"Detected bad display unit configuration for item [x] in row [y]. Please reconfigure the item."
If you see this message, it means that you've set a Display Unit without setting a Stock Unit.

Resolve this by going into your Product Details > Stock Management tab and ensure you have a Stock Unit, then try again.

How to use a Stocktake Spreadsheet

When you are familiar with how stocktake works in the Abacus system, you can use a stocktake spreadsheet as an even faster method of entering your stock amounts. The limitation is that you will not see real-time stock variances until you upload the sheet.

  1. Go to Stock Management > Stocktake Sheet

  2. Click Export > Export Stocktake Sheet

  3. This will download an editable spreadsheet.

4. Open the downloaded spreadsheet. Under Unit Qty, fill out the quantity of each product for each location. Make sure that each quantity matches your chosen unit.

Tip: If you have an Ordering Unit associated with a product (set in Product Details > Stock Management > Ordering), you can enter that unit instead, though you will need to unprotect the sheet. To unprotect the sheet, right-click the tab at the bottom of the screen and select "Unprotect Sheet".

5. Save the file

6. Go to Import > Import Stocktake Sheet and select the file you saved

7. The data will appear in the table. Enter the Stocktake Time and click Commit Changes when you want to submit that stocktake information.

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