This article will show you how to pair your Westpac VX690 with your POS.

Step 1: Connect your Westpac VX690 to the Abacus POS Network

To connect your payment device to a wifi network, follow these steps:

  1. On the Menu, select 3. Communications and press the enter button.

2. Select 1. Wifi and press enter.

3. Select your wifi network and press enter.

4. Use the keypad to enter your wifi password and then click Connect.

Step 2: Retrieve a Pairing Code from your Westpac VX690

Once the payment device has connected to the Abacus POS network, the screen will display the device’s serial number, wifi network, and device IP address.

To retrieve the pairing code, click Pair with POS. The next screen will then display a pairing code.

Step 3: Retrieve a Pairing Code from your Abacus POS

  1. Go to Settings (admin user privileges are required).

2. Under the Payment tab, go to Simple Payments Integration on the left-side menu. If you can’t see it, check that the Custom Payments toggle is on.

3. Enter the Device Serial Number and the Device IP Address into their respective boxes and turn on Automatic IP Address.

4. Tap SAVE and then tap PAIR. A pop up window will appear with a pairing code.

Step 4: Confirm that the Pairing Codes Match

Confirm that the pairing code on the iPad matches the code on the payment device.

If the codes match, select Yes on the payment device and YES on your POS.

Step 5: The Westpac VX690 is Paired with the Abacus POS

When the payment device is connected to your POS, the screen will display Connected to ‘ABACUSPOS’.

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