Loyalty Wallet Setup
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This article will show you how to set up your Loyalty Wallet.

Note: Complete the loyalty wallet general configuration and theme customisation before downloading the loyalty card.

In this article:


  • Loyalty Marketing module

  • Online Ordering module (optional)

Configure loyalty wallet

General configuration

The Wallet General Configuration page can be used to customise the loyalty Sign Up page.

The elements that can be customised are:

  • Signup Header

  • Signup Text

  • Date of Birth

  • Gender

To customise the Sign Up page:

  1. Enter the Signup Header and Signup Text.

  2. Optional:

    • Enable Date of Birth.

    • Enable Gender.

    • Enable Preferred Store.

  3. Click Save.

Theme customisation

The Wallet Theme Customisation page can be used to customise the loyalty card itself.

Insert the:

  • Logo

  • Strip Image

  • Card Background

  • Issuer Name (company name)

  • Program Name (loyalty program name)

The changes you make can be viewed under the Loyalty Card Preview for Apple Wallet and Google Pass.

Click Save.


You can access the Sign Up page link via the Wallet Publishing page.

Download the loyalty card

At the time of registering

Enter your account details and tap Join Membership.

Tap Add to Apple Wallet.

From your account

Tap the burger icon in the top right hand corner.

Tap Add to Apple Wallet.

Add a loyalty sign up page QR code to your receipts

On the backend

  1. Go to Print Settings > Printing Templates.

2. Click the pencil icon on the Invoice Receipt template.

3. Insert the [qrcode(content:xxx)] placeholder into the template, replacing the ‘xxx’ with the URL. Click Save.

On the POS


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