Printer Setup

  1. If you require a label printer, tap Select Label Printer and select the printer from the drop-down box.If you require a thermal printer, tap Select Thermal Printer and select the printer from the drop-down box.

Note: It make take a few seconds for the app to discover the printer, however, if it does not show, ensure that your Stock Management App device is connected to the correct network.

3. Tap Test Printing to ensure that the app is connected to the right printer.

Location Setup

If you have more than one Location, you will need to choose the Location you wish to be pre-selected when you stock in and stock out.

  1. Tap the drop-down box

  2. Select a Location

  3. Press Done

  4. Save

General Setup

Prompt supplier

Tick "Prompt supplier" if you wish to be prompted to select a single supplier when making your purchase order, as opposed to viewing stock from all suppliers at once. This will be relevant mainly for retailers.

Hide Selling Price for Stock In

Tick "Hide Selling Price For Stock In" if you wish to hide the selling price when stocking in purchase orders. This will be relevant mainly for hospitality. Eg. In retail, when stocking in five shirts, it will be helpful to see how much the business will be selling each shirt. In hospitality, when stocking in five loaves of bread, it will be unnecessary to see how much the business will be selling each loaf of bread, as it will be sold in slices for sandwiches. 

Enable Hospitality Mode

Tick "Enable Hospitality Mode" to access the Prep List and Stocking features specifically designed for hospitality industries. (See Stock Management App > About.)

Scroll down and press Save to save the settings.

Change Password

If you need to change your password, enter the new password and re-type it in the provided boxes. Tap Save.

Master Pad IP Address

Your Stock Management App must be connected to your Master Pad in order for it to communicate properly. Ensure that you have entered the Master Pad's device address here. (See Stock Management App > Installation and Connection.)

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