In Roster > Location/Venue Details, the manager for each location can be set. These set managers can access the Roster Manager webpage, at

The Roster Manager webpage displays the staff timesheets at the location for which the manager is set, much like the Timesheets page, except the Roster Manager page does not allow access to the timesheet's details.

By clicking on the eye symbol, you can view the image taken by the Roster Pad Application  every time a staff member checks in and out. 

The approved hours will calculate the shift length according to the actual shift start and finish, as recorded by the check in/out times on the Roster Pad Application, or the clock in/out times on the Abacus Application.

Click on the field beneath Approved Hours to alter the approved hours, and then press Approve or Reject.

Approved and Rejected timesheets can be viewed by clicking through the Filter drop-down box.

Once a timesheet has been approved or rejected, it cannot be undone. However, the approved hours can still be altered.

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