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Using the Products page

You will be able to view all your products in the selected Location (designated in Settings) within this list.

Stk denotes stock quantity.

Avl denotes the available stock quantity.

A green bar will appear at the right of the products which are above the safe stock quantity, and a grey bar will appear at the right of those which are at or below the safe stock quantity.

Find a product by scrolling down the list, by typing its name or product code in the Search bar, or by scanning the barcode (if a scanner has been connected).

Tap a product in the list to Stock In, Stock Out, or do Stocktake.

Alternatively, add a new product by tapping the + sign in the top right corner.

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Stock In

To Stock In a particular product, enter the stock quantity and then tap Stock In.

Tap the field underneath Select Location to change the intended location.

If the desired location is not appearing in the drop-down list, the product may not have been designated to that location. On the backend, go to Stock Management > Locations and add the product that belongs there.

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Stock Out

To Stock Out a particular product, tap the Stock Out tab, enter the stock quantity and then tap Stock Out.

Tap Add Note, enter a note, and tap Save if you wish to attach a note when you Stock Out.

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To Stocktake a particular product, tap the Stocktake tab, enter the stock quantity and then tap Stocktake.

Alternatively, tap Submit (Reason) to enter a note for why the stocktake quantity may deviate from the expected quantity. All notes will be visible on the Back End ( in the Transaction List for each product, accessed through Stock Management > Stock Management > Product Details.

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Product Details

Tap the i in the top right corner of the Stock Management Application to view a product's information.

Here, you can print a label (if a label printer has been attached), change the product photo, and view the transactions (its Stock In/Out history). By scrolling down, you can also view the product's identification details, its quantity in all Locations, and its quantity in the default location (in the example below, "Demo").

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  1. Go to the Wastage screen (trash can icon)

  2. Select the product that is going to waste

3. Using the keypad, enter the quantity that is wasted

4. Tap Submit

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Bulk updating

  1. In the Tick Allow Bulk Update for Review

  2. Save

  3. Go to the Stock page (box button)

4. Select your Stock Action (Stock In, Stocktake, Transfer, or Wastage)

5. Enter the product name in the search bar

6. Enter the quantity, location and tap Add

If doing a stock transfer, you will need to select the "To" location as well as the "From" location.

Note: If you have set an ordering unit and a stock unit (eg. "dozens" for ordering, "cartons" stocking), you can select which one you want to use by tapping the grey box next to the quantity.

7. Repeat steps 5-6 for as many products as you wish

8. Tap Summary to see a summary of the stock action, organised per location

9. When you are satisfied with the changes, tap submit.

10. You will be able to see all these stock updates under the Transaction List in Stock Level > Stock Details

11. If you have selected Stocktake in step 4, you will also be able to see the stock update in the Stocktake Sheet.

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