Delete an order

  1. Go to Order History

  2. Swipe left on the order you want to delete

  3. Tap Delete

4. Confirm Yes
5. Select a delete reason, or write your own
6. Press Delete

Customise delete reasons

Go to POS Settings > Delete Reasons to customise the reasons that appear as options when you delete an order in the Abacus app.

Deleted invoices

Go to Reports > Deleted Invoices to view your deleted invoices report. The report consists of a list of all the deleted invoices for the selected date range.

Under Display:

  • Select Item to see invoices from which only some of the items of the order were deleted

  • Select Invoice to see invoices where the whole order was deleted

Note: The list includes deleted invoices for both paid and unpaid orders.
This includes:

  • All paid orders

  • Orders deleted from Held Orders 

  • Orders deleted from Order History in Abacus POS

  • Orders deleted from Sales > Invoices in the backend

Orders deleted from Held Orders do not have invoice numbers and will display the payment method as "None".

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