In hospitality, it is likely that you will need Bookings (eg. restaurant reservations), whereas in retail you would need Appointments (eg. hair salon sessions).

The Appointments screen shows which staff is assigned to which appointment.

You can modify the appointment calendar grid time interval in Settings.

Adding an appointment

  1. Tap Add Appointment. Alternatively, double tap on the appointment grid.

  2. Enter the Customer Name.

  3. Enter the customer's Phone Number. Press ADVANCED if you want to input their date of birth, e-mail, and address.

  4. Choose a Service. These are configured in Appointment > Service in the back end (see 'Services' at the end of this article).

  5. Choose the Start date & time for the appointment.

  6. Select which staff member the customer will be Served By.

  7. Set the Duration of the appointment in minutes.

  8. Enter the Attendee Number.

  9. Press CREATE. 

Viewing an appointment’s details

To view the details of an appointment, tap the appointment on the day schedule. A popup will appear showing the details. You can also choose to update the appointment’s details or to cancel the appointment.

You can move the appointment by tapping MOVE and then tapping where you want to move the appointment to. This will bring up the appointment details, so you can check them before you confirm the move.


The services that are available for appointments are created in the back end.

Create a service

  1. Go to Appointment > Service.

  2. Click Add new service.

3. Enter the Name of the service.
4. Enter the Duration of the appointment (in minutes).
5. Enter the No. of people (a.k.a. capacity) that can be made under one appointment.

6. Click Save
7. An Open Hours section will appear. Fill this in if you wish to limit the availability of this service to certain hours, eg. You can only schedule an appointment on Fridays.

8. Sync appointment settings in Abacus POS
9. You will then be able to select the type of appointment in the app!

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