As an admin, only you can access the back end.

However, there may be times where you want to give your employees access to specific pages (eg. to change the menu or to view reports).

In this case, you'll want to change their system role.

System Roles

Abacus comes with three system roles: Staff, Manager, and Admin.

You can view their system roles in Staff Management on the backend (

Different system roles enable different levels of access in the Abacus application, and also to the backend (

Change System Role Access

  1. Go to POS > Users

2. Click the pencil button to edit a user

3. Set a password

4. Set the System Role to Staff, Admin, or Manager.

5. Press Save.

6. Your staff member must log into using the username and password set above.

Customise System Role Access

  1. Go to Configuration > System Role Access
  2. View existing access parameters.
    By clicking on Staff, Manager, and Admin, you can view what parts of the back end they have access to.
    If a listing has a tick, it means that you can see it when you're logged in as the selected system role.
    A page listing without a tick indicates that it is not accessible for the selected system role.

NOTE: Unticked options will not be shown in grey, rather, they will not be shown at all.

3. Tick what pages you would like Staff or Managers to see.

4. Click the pencil button next to the System Role Name

5. Select the Initial Load Page. This is the page that user type should land on when they log in.

6. Save. Any changes you make to the Staff, Manager, and Admin system role access will take effect the next time they log in

Refining System Role Permission

To further refine the system roles, one can give permission to particular roles to write and/or delete data. If you wish your staff members to access a read-only version of the website, leave Write and Delete unchecked. If you wish your staff members to only be able to add information, and not delete any, tick Write but leave Delete unticked.

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