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  • Adding a new user
  • Editing a user
  • Archiving a user
  • Promoting a user to a HQ site
  • How to configure user access for different sites
  • Switching between sites
  • System roles
  • Customise system role access
  • Refine system role permission
  • User access on POS


Go to Users to manage your staff member database. You can narrow the list by using the search bar or filtering by status (active/inactive/show all).

Adding a new user

To add a new staff member, click New User. This will take you to a new User Details page.

Enter their username, first name, and choose their system role. 

Choose either a Password or a PIN:

  • A password will be used when you have enabled ENFORCE USER PASSWORD in the app's settings (see Lock Screen)
  • A PIN will be used when you have enabled USE LOCK SCREEN in the app's settings (see Login Screen)

The system role field is for controlling the staff member's access in the app. The system role "Staff" appears as "Staff" in the login screen of the app, whilst "Admin" and "Store Manager" both appear as "Manager". E.g. You can only access app settings and modify item prices if you are a manager.

You can attach tags to the user, e.g. Staff, Trainer, etc (which must be first created in Tags). Tags can also be used for email/SMS campaigns. You can also attach Skills & Certifications (which must be first created in Skills & Certifications).

Program History is used for trainers. You can log each program they perform by clicking New Program and filling in the columns. The Overall Rating is calculated as an average over all their programs.

Editing a user's details

To edit a staff member's details, click the edit (pencil) button to the right of a staff member. This will take you to the User Detail page. If you make any changes, make sure you Save.

Archiving a user

To archive a staff member, click the edit (pencil) button to the right of a staff member and then click Archive in the User Detail page.


Other staff members can be restored later by going back to the User Details page and clicking Restore.

Add User to HQ site

If you have several sites, you can promote users to the HQ site.

  1. Click Promote to HQ 

You will need to enter an admin username and password to proceed with the promotion.

2. Scroll down set the Access Type for each company

3. The next time they log into the backend, they will view the HQ site. 

How to configure user access for different sites

  1. Go to Configuration > Partner Company.

2. Click the pencil button to the right of a site and scroll down to User Access.
3. Under the User Access section of the Company Details, you can see all the
current users and their access type (system role) for that site.

To enable a user from another site to access this site, click Add User Access. Then you select that user and select the access type required for this site (note that users can have different access for different sites based on that sites’ system roles).


Switching between sites

All the sites that you have access to will be listed in Sites. Your current site will be
listed in bold. To switch to another site, click the login button to the right of a site.

You can then go back to the Company Partnership page and review the user access for that site, too.

System Role Access

As an admin, only you can access the back end.

However, there may be times where you want to give your employees access to specific pages (eg. to change the menu or to view reports).

In this case, you'll want to change their system role.

System Roles

Abacus comes with three system roles: Staff, Manager, and Admin.

You can view their system roles in Staff Management on the backend (

Different system roles enable different levels of access in the Abacus application, and also to the backend (

Change System Role Access

  1. Go to POS > Users

2. Click the pencil button to edit a user

3. Set a password

4. Set the System Role to Staff, Admin, or Manager.

5. Press Save.

6. Your staff member must log into using the username and password set above.

Customise System Role Access

  1. Go to Configuration > System Role Access
  2. View existing access parameters.By clicking on Staff, Manager, and Admin, you can view what parts of the back end they have access to.If a listing has a tick, it means that you can see it when you're logged in as the selected system role.A page listing without a tick indicates that it is not accessible for the selected system role.

NOTE: Unticked options will not be shown in grey, rather, they will not be shown at all.

3. Tick what pages you would like Staff or Managers to see.

4. Click the pencil button next to the System Role Name

5. Select the Initial Load Page. This is the page that user type should land on when they log in.

6. Save. Any changes you make to the Staff, Manager, and Admin system role access will take effect the next time they log in

Refining System Role Permission

To further refine the system roles, one can give permission to particular roles to write and/or delete data. If you wish your staff members to access a read-only version of the website, leave Write and Delete unchecked. If you wish your staff members to only be able to add information, and not delete any, tick Write but leave Delete unticked.

User access on POS

If you turn on setting “B15. Require manager PIN”, your staff will need to enter any admin/manager’s PIN to:

  • Discount orders
  • Clear sent orders
  • Open the cash drawer (outside of cash transactions)
  • View reports
  • Access printer settings
  • Access POS settings
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