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Additional to accepting cash, card, credit accounts, and other default Abacus payment types, you can create custom payment methods such as cheque.

Any custom payment method will behave the same. The rest of this article will show payments by cheque as the example, but it could apply for any other custom payment method you define.

Create a custom payment method

  1. Go to POS Settings > Payment Methods to view any extra payment methods that appear as options in the Abacus app.

2. Click New Payment Method. This will create a blank line in the list where you can click in the cell to enter the name of the payment method.

3. On Abacus POS, go to Settings > Sync Payment Info. This will save your new a payment method on the POS.

4. When completing a transaction, press Options to access your custom payment buttons, then tap your custom payment method.

5. Press COMPLETE SALE as per usual.


Current Register Summary (POS)

In Reports > Current Register Summary, custom payments will be a subset of "other payments".

Sales Summary (POS)

In Reports > Sales Summary, custom payments will be aggregated with "Other Payments".

Sales Activity (backend)

  1. Go to Reports > Sales Activity

  2. Click on a time period to view the invoices of the day.

3. Click an individual invoice time to expand its details, including the payment method.

Tender Report (backend)

  1. Go to Reports > Tender Report

  2. The Tender Report breaks down what methods of payment were made on a particular day, and how much of the sales were attributed to that payment type.

Archive Payment Methods

You cannot fully delete a Payment Method as it is tied to its historical transactions.

  1. Click the x to Archive a payment method

  2. Sync Payment Info on the POS

  3. The payment method will no longer appear on your POS

Restore Payment Methods

  1. At the right of the "Archived" status, click the restore icon to make a payment method active again

  2. Sync Payment Info on the POS

  3. The payment method will appear again on your POS

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