In Abacus' Loyalty Marketing module, vouchers and gift cards can be made.

The Difference: Reusability

The main difference between vouchers and gift cards is their reusability:


Vouchers are non-reusable. The whole amount must be used in one transaction. If the amount due exceeds the amount loaded onto the voucher, the voucher holder must forfeit the remaining amount.

A voucher can have an expiry date set if desired. Vouchers cannot be reloaded.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are reusable. They begin with a set balance (eg. $50) and can be used several times for payment (eg. $25 first time, $10 second time, $15 third time), until the balance reaches $0.

A gift card holder can choose how much of the balance they wish to use in one transaction. For example, a card may have $50 loaded, and the card holder may have purchased goods to the value of $50, but decide to only spend $20 of the gift card in that transaction. $30 will remain on the gift card.

A gift card can have an expiry date set if desired. Gift cards cannot be reloaded.

How to Generate: Manual, Automatic, or Triggered

Gift cards and vouchers can be manually, instantly, or automatically generated.


A "manual" gift card has to be first created in the backend. This is ideal for businesses that wish to have their gift cards to be physical cards available at the counter. They have to be scanned at the counter when they are bought in order to be activated.

To create, sell, and use a manual gift card, follow:


An "automatic" gift card/voucher is generated at the POS on the spot when it is purchased. It is printed at the bottom of the receipt, so it requires less setting up.

To create, sell, and use an instant gift card/voucher, follow:


A "triggered" voucher is an automatically created voucher that will print at the bottom of the receipt when specific criteria are filled, eg. if $200 has been spent in one transaction, the customer can acquire a $20 voucher. This kind of voucher is not purchased.

only one-use vouchers, not gift cards, can be created this way.

To configure and use a triggered voucher, follow:

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