Managers (and admin) can access everything in the app.

Staff cannot do the following:

  • Access app settings
  • Access reports
  • Access product list
  • Edit the POS menu
  • Delete orders from order history (i.e. paid orders)
  • Access printer settings^
  • Open the cash drawer using the OPEN button in the printer drop down menu (however, the cash drawer will open when they are processing refunds or performing cash pay in/out transactions)

^This can be changed in the app settings

Note that you can configure different price change ranges (i.e. the discount or price increase limit) for staff vs managers in the backend, under Configuration tab > Company Profile.

For information about what your staff can see on the backend, check out this article.

Hide Reports on POS

By default, staff cannot view Reports when they have logged into the POS terminal, whereas managers and administrators can.

If you wish to hide the Reports button entirely from the POS terminal, go to Settings > System > General and Disable Reports.

The Reports button will disappear from the navigation menu.

Hide Expected Amount when closing register

Switch on Setting B.12 Hide Expected Amount When Staff Is Closing Register to hide the expected amount and its variance in the POS Register when a "Staff" user (as opposed to "Manager" or "Admin") closes the register.

Hide Cash Amount in Reports

Disable A3. Reports: Display Cash Amount to hide the amount of cash in the Reports on the POS Register.

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