This is the payment device used for Bolt Payments.

To use it with Abacus, it must first be paired by Bluetooth to the Abacus POS (iPad) and then activated.

  1. Miura M010: Turn on the Miura M010 either by connecting it to a power supply via a USB cable, or by pressing the small rectangular button on the left side. The full boot-up may take up to three minutes.

2. Miura M010: Press the tick button for 5 seconds to make your Miura M010 discoverable by Bluetooth. The bluetooth symbol in the top left corner of the screen will blink when it is discoverable.

3. iPad: On the iPad, go to Settings > Bluetooth and turn on Bluetooth. It will begin searching for Bluetooth devices.

Under Devices, "Mint mPOS [xxx]" will appear.

(The characters in brackets are the last 3 digits of the serial number of the Miura device.)

4. Miura M010: Tap the name of the Miura device ("Mint mPOS [xxx]").
You will be prompted to confirm the pairing code between the Miura device and the iPad.
Press the tick button on the Muira device and follow the prompts on the iPad.

After a few seconds the "Not Paired" status on the iPad will change to "Connected".

5. iPad: In the Abacus application, go to Settings and under User Management, change the Cashier Auto Logout Time to “0” (seconds).

6. iPad: Go to the Payment tab and tap Custom Payment Providers.

7. iPad: Choose Bolt Payments

8. iPad: Enter the Mobile User ID and PIN from the e-mail provided to you by Abacus

9. You will receive an activation code via SMS; enter this into the iPad

10. iPad: You will be prompted to reset your password; we suggest you to use “1234”.

11. iPad: Enter the old PIN and the new PIN in the iPad, then Login

12. iPad: Click Check for Update. If the update is not successful, click Check for Update again.

13. Miura M010: The Miura device will restart several times, then it will show a message stating that it is ready.

14. iPad: Go to Settings > System and change the Cashier Auto Logout Time to “60” (seconds) or whatever you prefer.

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