• The Orders History screen displays all the orders that were paid for on the current day
  • Each order will be kept on the POS for one month
  • If there is internet connection, the orders will automatically sync to the server, marking the order with the green synchronisation symbol
  1. Tap an order and it will be expanded to show which items were on that order.

2. Swipe left on an order to access the order history options: print bill, print receipt, refund, and delete.

Sync Order History

To manually sync the order history, press Push Orders to Server


  1. Tap Refund

2. Select a refund Reason
3. Select the items to be refunded
4. Select the payment method

You cannot refund a cash payment to a credit card.

5. (OPTIONAL) You will be prompted to print a refund receipt as well

Customise refund reasons

On the backend, go to POS Settings > Refund Reasons.

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