Go to Sales > Invoices to view the invoices created by the system for each transaction made.

You can filter the invoice list by price range, date range, customer, payment method, and whether the invoice is paid/unpaid/deleted.

Note: Unsettled orders do not appear in the invoice list. This means that orders in the Held Orders screen of the app will not appear in the invoice list unless they are deleted. Orders deleted from Held Orders do not have invoice numbers and will display the payment method as "None".

Create a new invoice

  1. Click New Invoice in the Invoices page.
  2. Select the customer, payment method, and tick the "Paid" checkbox.

3. Under Ordered Items, add items to the order by clicking Add Item to Invoice. Discount and freight charges can also be applied.

4. Scroll down past Ordered Items to add:

  • Invoice description
  • Invoice files

5. When you have filled in all the necessary invoice details, click Save.

View/edit an invoice’s details

  1. In the Invoices page, click the pencil button in the last column for a particular invoice.
  2. Find all invoice details under Invoice Information

Note: If the invoice is unpaid, you can select a payment method and mark the invoice as paid.

Under Ordered Items, you can see the invoice's items, discounts and freight charge.

Note: You can only add/remove items and edit discount/freight amounts if the invoice is unpaid.

Scroll down past Ordered Items to see:

  • Invoice description
  • Payment History
  • Redeemed Points (if you are a Loyalty Marketing user and your customer was already a registered member)
  • Timestamps
  • Invoice files

3. If you have made any changes to the invoice's details, make sure you Save.

Delete multiple invoices

To delete a single invoice from its Details page, click More > Delete.

To delete multiple invoices from the Invoices page:

  1. Tick the boxes of the invoices you want to delete
  2. Click Delete

Email/export the sales report

A single invoice can be emailed/exported from the Invoice Details page.

  • To download an invoice as a PDF file: click More > Create PDF
  • To send the invoice by email as a PDF file (to the customer): click More > Send Email

Customise invoice template

This is the "Default Invoice Export Template".

This is how you customise it:

  • A. Logo (Configuration > Company Profile > Logo)
  • B. Name & ABN (Configuration > Company Profile > Basic Info)
  • C. Address & phone number (Configuration > Company Profile > Contact > Primary)
  • D. Invoice number prefix (POS > Sales > Invoices > Settings > Prefix)
  • E. Invoice Note (POS > Sales > Credit Account > Settings > Invoice Note)
  • F. Invoice description (POS > Sales > Invoices > Settings)
  • G. Invoice footer (POS > Sales > Invoices > Settings)

Invoices by Table

Go to Reports > Sales > Invoices by Table to view your invoices by table report. The report consists of a list of the tables and their total number of sales, number of guests and sales amount for the date range selected.

You can filter the list by price range, date range, customer, and whether the invoices are paid/unpaid/deleted.

Click the arrow button to the left of a table to dropdown the list of invoices for that table.

Deleted Invoices

Go to Reports > Sales > Deleted Invoices to view your deleted invoices report. The report consists of a list of all the deleted invoices for the selected date range.

If you select to display "Item" instead of "Invoice", the list will display invoices from which only some of the items in the order were deleted (rather than the whole order being deleted).

Note: The list includes deleted invoices for both paid and unpaid orders. This means orders deleted either from Held Orders or Order History in in app, as well as from Sales > Invoices in the backend. Orders deleted from Held Orders do not have invoice numbers and will display the payment method as "None".

Click the pencil button to the right of an invoice to go to see the Invoice Details.

Click the arrow button to the left of an invoice to dropdown the items in that order.

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