On the Point of Sale screen where there is an Order List, tap the Pay icon.

There are a few different methods of paying for the bill.

Cash Payment

For a cash payment, input the amount paid by the customer and press the Cash button. The application will then show how much change you need to give the customer before completing the transaction.

Consider also using the Fast Pay option to finalise cash transactions even faster.

Credit Card Payment

For a credit card payment, you don’t need to enter an amount, just press the Credit Card button. You will need to have a payment provider set up, such as Tyro Payments. After pressing Credit Card, you will be directed to a screen which will show you the steps to follow to complete the transaction.

Using the Tyro Payment system

After pressing Credit Card, the screen will tell you the bill and tell you to insert/swipe the card at the terminal. If the payment was with credit, a signature may be needed. The system will ask you if the signatures match. Follow the prompts and finish the payment.

Payment using Vouchers and Gift Cards


1. Input the total value of the voucher and tap the Voucher button.
2. This will decrease the amount due.
3. Proceed with the remaining payment as per usual (cash, card, etc.).

Note: If the customer is paying with a voucher or a gift card containing an alphanumeric or QR code, see Paying with a Voucher/Gift Card under Automatically Generated Vouchers and Gift Cards.

Splitting the payment

Press the Split Payments button and choose the type of split payment you want.

Abacus supports three types of split payments: pay for each item separately, divide the total cost by the number of people paying, or designate custom amounts (portions) for payment.

Note: Abacus does not support split payments when discounts are applied or when vouchers are used.

Split by Items

Select the item(s) the first customer wants to pay for and complete the payment. Then select the item(s) the second customer wishes to pay for, complete the payment, and so on. When every item is paid for, you can finalise the sale.

If you split by items, you can hold the order before the whole transaction is complete. Eg. If one person from a group of friends has to leave early, they can pay first without forcing the rest of the group to pay immediately. In this case, the items that have been paid for will appear in Orders History whilst the items that still need to be paid for will appear in Held Orders. Go to Held Orders and load the order to continue with the transaction. You can choose to split the order again at this stage.

Split Equally

Enter the number of customers that will be paying. The bill will be divided by the number entered and each customer can pay for each payment. When all the payments are done, you can complete the transaction.

If you split equally, you cannot hold the order before the whole transaction is complete.

Split By Portion

Enter the payment by denominations. Abacus will calculate the remainder each time a denomination is paid.

Paying the bill with store credit

To pay using a store credit account, press OPTIONS and Credit Account. Select your account from the account list.

Each account has a Max Transaction Allowance, Max Credit Allowance and Balance. Max Transaction Allowance and Max Credit Allowance are both set in the backend.

If your bill exceeds the Max Transaction Allowance for your account, you cannot use that account to pay for this bill. The Max Credit Allowance defines how much your account can be overdrawn by (the maximum negative value your Balance can reach). The Balance is how much store credit you have.

If your Max Transaction Allowance or Max Credit Allowance display $0.00, it means those values are unlimited.

When you have selected your account, the staff will require the customer to tell them the correct password to proceed (the account password will be displayed to the staff only). If the password is correct, then tap Yes.

Completing the sale

After the payments are made, you will be directed to the sale screen shown below.

Here you can choose to print the receipt of the order or to email the receipt to a customer.

Emailing the receipt to a customer

Press EMAIL RECEIPT and a window will pop up asking for the email address to send the receipt. Enter the email and press DONE. If you are completing a sale for a member with a registered email address, then you will not need to enter the email address when you choose to email them the receipt.

To complete the sale (transaction), press the Complete Sale button, after which you will be redirected to the menu interface with a clear order. The sale will be recorded in the Orders History screen.

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