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Set up Locations

You can track your stock across multiple locations for better visibility into where your stock actually is, e.g. back storeroom, freezer, refrigerator. You can also have a location set for a certain POS.

  1. Go to Stock Management > Locations. This is where all of your stock locations are listed.

  2. Click Add New Location

3. Click the pencil button on the right of the location name to enter its details page.

4. Enter the Name and its associated details such as phone number, email address, and physical address. This is the address that will be used when you create an Ordering Form later on.

5. Tick Is Default for the location that you use the most. You must have one default location.

6. To associate one or more suppliers with a certain location, under Linked Suppliers, click Add New Record and select a supplier from your Suppliers list.

7. Under Location Products, find and Add any products that belong to that location.

Only products that have been marked as "Is Stock" will appear here.

(You can also manage a product's Locations in the Product Details > Stock Management page.)

8. Save.

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Set a location on the POS

  1. On the POS, go to Settings > Sync and Sync Location Info

  2. Go to the Device Options tab to select the Location where the POS is situated.

Other uses for Locations

Locations are not just for stock management; you can also use them to:

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Archiving locations

You cannot delete a location once you have created it, as it contains important information about your historical stock movement. You can only Archive it, via the Location Details page.

Archived locations will still appear in your old reports.

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