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To view your product list, go to Products > Products.

You can filter the product list by name, code, status, type, category and printer location.

Add new products

Basic product setup

If your product needs are basic, all you need to do to add a product is:

  1. Go to Products > Products
  2. Click Quick Add
  3. Enter a unique product code and the product name
  4. Select a printer location (if you have more than one printer)
  5. Enter the price
  6. Select a category (set up in Products > Categories)
  7. Repeat for any other products
  8. (Hospitality only) Add it to your menu
  9. Sync your menu on the POS

By default, all products are taxable. Select "No" under Taxable to make a product non-taxable.

Advanced Product Setup

If you require a more advanced setup, you need to go to the Add Product page.

  1. Click Products > Add Product from the navigation menu

Alternatively, go to Products > Products and click New Product. It will go to the same Add Product page.

2. In the Add Product page, enter the Product Code and Product Name
3. Click Save

As soon as you save, the page heading will change from "Add Product" to "Product Details".
4. Set the printer location (if you have more than one printer)
5. (OPTIONAL) Upload a Product Photo to appear on the POS
.png or .jpg images should be uploaded. Recommended dimensions: W 861px x H 600px

6. Under Price, enter the price. If you have marked it as taxable, the price excluding tax will be calculated automatically, based on the currency selected.

7. Under Product Category, select the category to which this product belongs.
8. After making any changes, always click Save

Edit product details

If you only wish to edit the most basic product info, you can click in any cell in the product list to edit its contents.

If you wish to edit more detailed product info, click the Edit (pencil) button to the right of a product to go to its product detail page. If you make any changes in the product detail page, make sure you click Save.

If you wish to edit multiple products at once, select the products to be edited (by clicking the checkboxes to the left of the products) and then click Settings

Please note that you can only apply changes to one page of products at a time.

This will bring up a popup window where you can manage multiple configurations, options and multi pricing for all the ticked products.

Delete a product

  1. Select the products to be deleted (by clicking the checkboxes to the left of the products) 
  2. Click the Delete button at the top of the page
  3. Go to the Menu 
  4. Delete the product from the Menu

Recover a deleted product

  1. Change the Product Status filter to "Deleted"

2. Go to the Product Details of your deleted product

3. Click Recover

4. Go to your Menu and delete the product again

A product is not fully wiped from your Products database because it needs to be linked to its past sales reports.

Unpublish a product

When you create a product, it is automatically published. This means it's available to put on an iPad meun. If you wish to unpublish a product:

  1. Go into the product details (by clicking the pencil button)
  2. Click Unpublish

The button will then turn into a Publish button.

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