What is a Product Category?

A Product Category is a general label such as "Coffee", "Dress", or "Pizza" that can be applied to a group of products. Product Categories are useful because you can filter searches (eg. in Products) by Product Category. When you create a default menu for the first time, product categories are used as the menu tabs.

To view your list of product categories, go to Products > Categories.

Create a Category

Click here to view How to Add Product Categories

Under Product Category Tree, click Add New Category. Then fill in the details of the new category under Category Detail and click Save. The new category will appear in the list on the left.

Edit a Category

To edit a category, click on it in the list on the left. That category's detail will then appear on the right. If you make any changes to the category details, click Save.

Delete a Category

To delete a category, click on it and then click Delete. The category will be removed from the list (non-recoverable).

Modify Category Tree

You can also have a category tree, for example, “Cold Drinks” inside the “Drinks” category. To do that, just drag and drop categories to change their relationships. You can drag a category inside another, or drag a sub category outside the parent.

Put a product in a category

To put a product in a category, go to Products and select the category.

You can also go to the Product Detail page and scroll down to Product Category.

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