Go to Reports > Top Selling Products to view your top selling products report.

The report includes a full list of your products sorted by quantity sold (which you can adjust to sort by total sales instead). You can filter the list by date range and product category. To view all the products which haven't sold at all, select "Non-Selling Products" instead of "Selling Products".

Here's how it's broken down:

  • Quantity: how much of that product you have sold, as a "product" in and of itself
  • Sales: the sales generated from that product
  • Variant quantity: how much of that product you sold as part of a combo created with product variants, e.g. if you created a "burger combo" with the product variant "burger", the burger here will be under "variant quantity", as it's a product variant sale
  • Variant Sales: the sales generated from the product, as it is sold as a product variant 
  • Total Quantity: the product quantity + variant quantity
  • Total Sales: the product sales + variant sales

The report also includes a pie chart for all product sales.

Export Top Selling Products Report

Click Export to download a CSV file that lists your sales.
The variants and their attributed sales will also be listed.

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