Timesheets Overview 

The Timesheet page displays all the timesheets for staff shifts. The timesheets are filtered by Location/Venue, which you can select under the Timesheet Approval heading. 

In the Outstanding Timesheet section, the dates for all timesheets have not yet been approved or rejected are displayed. You can click on an outstanding timesheet date to go to that date in the Timesheet Approval section below.

In the Timesheet Approval section, all outstanding/approved/rejected timesheet summaries are displayed in a daily view. You can change the date with the date picker in the top left of the section. You can also filter the timesheets by shift status (Confirmed Working, Confirmed Not Working, Unconfirmed). 

Each timesheet summary displays the staff member’s name, their job role for that shift, the planned/actual shift/break start/finish time and the planned/actual shift length (which deducts the break length). The first row of times is the planned times, which are from the roster. The second row of time is the actual times, which are form the staff members clicking in/out in the Abacus app or checking in/out in the Roster Pad at their shift. 

Editing Timesheets 

The approved hours field will automatically be based on the actual shift length, minus the duration of the actual break. You can change the approved duration by clicking on the Approved Hours field and changing it before pressing Approve. 

If you would like to change the time sheet details (actual start/finish times), you can do this by clicking Details. 

Within Timesheet Details, you will be unable to alter the approved hours, however, you may change the actual start and finish times for the overall shift and for the break. Editing these times will overwrite any times already there. If you edit any of these times, the actual shift length will be recalculated accordingly. 

To save any changes you have made, click Save at the top of the page. 

Note: You can approve/reject the timesheet now or later (but make sure you save first). Even after the timesheet is approved/rejected, you can still edit the times in this way. 

Approving/Rejecting Timesheets 

Before approving/rejecting timesheets, you should ensure you are satisfied with the actual shift/break start/finish times (see above on how to edit these). 

There are two ways to approve/reject timesheets:

1. In the Timesheets page, click either Approve or Reject to the right of the timesheet summary. 

2. In the Timesheets Details page (via clicking Details next to timesheet summary), click either Approve or Reject at the top of the page. 

Note: Upon clicking Approve, the button will be replaced with a Reject button and vice versa. 

This method of approving/rejecting timesheets can be done at any time. 

When a timesheet has been approved/rejected (by either method outlined above), it will be labelled as such in the Timesheet page. The approved hours will also be displayed. 

All approved timesheets will appear later in the Timesheet Xero Integration page when you set up timesheet exportation. 

Adjusting Timesheets

Timesheets for unscheduled shifts 

If a staff member clocks in/out in the Abacus app or Roster pad even if they do not have a shift in the roster for that day, a timesheet will still be created for them. This is useful for situations where you need someone to fill in on the day, or if you just suddenly need more staff on duty.

Since there are no planned shift/break start/finish times in this situation, they are made the same as the actual shift/break start/finish times from checking/clocking in and out. A shift based on these new planned times is automatically created in the roster (with the Confirmed Working label). 

The timesheet summaries for unscheduled shifts are labelled as Not Scheduled in the Timesheet page, and the Scheduled field in the Timesheet Details page is No.

Staff Member Ratings 

To rate staff member’s performance for a shift:

1. Click Details to the right of the timesheet summary in the Timesheet page. 

2. This will take you to the Timesheet Details page for that shift. 

Scroll down to Rating and click on the stars to set each rating. Click the red star to set a zero rating (no stars). 

3. When you have set the ratings, click Save at the top of the page. 

You can change these ratings at any time. The overall staff ratings seen in the Staff page and Staff Details page are average ratings based on these shift history ratings. 

The Timesheet Details page can also be accessed through the Staff Details page, under the Shift History section. 

Why aren't my timesheets syncing?

If your timesheets on the back end are not syncing as you expect, try to Sync Timesheets on the Roster Pad.

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