Before you continue, make sure you've read About Gift Cards and Vouchers to make sure that this is the kind of method you with to use for your vouchers/gift cards.

A "triggered" voucher prints at the bottom of a receipt when specific criteria are filled, eg. if $200 has been spent in one transaction, the customer can acquire a $20 voucher, or a 5% off voucher. Follow the below procedure to set up automatically generated vouchers.


  1. Go to Vouchers and Gift Cards > Types

2. Click New Voucher Type.
There are two types of vouchers you can set.

A) Flat amount: for vouchers of a set sum, like $20, enter a value under "Default Amount".

B) Discount percentage: for vouchers of a discount percentage, like 10%, enter a value under "Default Discount Percentage".

3. Click the Upload button to upload a voucher graphic.

This will be printed above the QR code after you alter the relevant printing template (in a later step).

4. Go to Rules

5. Click New Rule, select the Type you created in step 2, and set the dollar spend amount that will trigger that voucher to print out. 

6. Go to POS > Print Settings > Printing Templates

7. Click the Edit (pencil) button in the Invoice Receipt listing.

8. Add the voucher placeholder [have_voucher] at the bottom of the template.

9. Click Save.
10. On the POS, go to Settings > Sync and Sync Receipt Templates

11. Now, when you make a transaction that fulfils the above criteria, it will trigger a voucher to be printed at the bottom of the receipt!

Paying with a Voucher

Ensure that Scan for Voucher Mode is enabled in Settings.

  1. Press Pay.

2. Press Voucher beneath the number pad.

3. Scan the QR code of the voucher with the iPad camera.

4. Review the voucher information and press Done.

5. Settle any leftover payment and Complete Sale.

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