Before you continue, make sure you've read About Gift Cards and Vouchers to make sure that this is the kind of method you with to use for your vouchers/gift cards.

Create your voucher

  1. Go to the POS > Products > Add Product

2. Set the Product Name, Product Code and Price of the gift card/voucher.

Note: do not set a printer location for your gift card.

3. Under Price, tick Is Voucher.

4. Click Save

5. Upload a Product Photo, then save again.

Note: The Product Photo will be print above the QR Code every time that product is purchased.

Now make sure it shows up on your receipts!

  1. Go to iPad Menu > POS Menu and add the product to the menu. Click Publish.

2. Go to POS > Print Settings > Printing Templates

3. Click the Edit (pencil) button in the Invoice Receipt listing.

4. Add the voucher placeholder [have_voucher] at the bottom of the template.

5. Click Save.

6. On the POS, go to Settings > Sync and Sync Receipt Templates

Using the Voucher/Gift Card function on the POS

  1. Sync the menu.

2. Select the voucher/gift card product. 

3. Click Auto Generate.

4. Select whether you want the item to be a gift card (multiple-use) or a voucher (single-use). Ensure that Print Copy is turned on for it to print.

5. (Optional) Modify the expiry date and amount.
Note: By default, the expiry date will be set for 1 year after the transaction and the amount will be based on the product price.
IMPORTANT: Modifying the amount will only change the amount contained within the voucher, but not the price of the voucher. Eg. If you have a $50 gift card, you can change the amount to $60, so the customer will only pay $50, but it is worth $60. 

6. Press Done. A code will be attached to the item.

7. Press Pay. When the transaction is complete, the voucher/gift card will be automatically printed at the bottom of the receipt.

Paying with a Voucher/Gift Card

Ensure that Scan for Voucher Mode is enabled in Settings.

  1. Add your items to the order, then press Pay.

2. For Gift cards: press OPTIONS beneath the number pad and select GIFT CARD.

For vouchers: press VOUCHER beneath the number pad.

3. Use the iPad camera to scan the QR code of the voucher/gift card. It will display on the screen as indicated below.

Alternatively, tap Enter Code to manually input the code under 'Gift Card Number'.

4. Review the voucher/gift card information and press Done.

For gift cards: 

  •  Tick Maximum if the customer wishes to use all of its remaining value in a transaction. If the customer wishes to use only a portion of the Gift Card’s value, untick it and you will be prompted to insert the desired amount.

5. Settle any leftover payment as per normal and COMPLETE SALE.

Note: A gift card and a voucher can be combined to make a payment, but a gift card cannot be combined with a gift card, and a voucher cannot be combined with a voucher.


You'll be able to monitor all of your gift cards and vouchers on the Vouchers and Gift Cards page on the backend.

Code: The identifier for the gift card or voucher, which is generated on the POS

Balance: The cash remaining on the card (gift cards only)

Discount %: The discount yielded (voucher only)

Expiry: After this date, the voucher/gift card cannot be used

Created On: The date the voucher/gift card was created

Voucher Type: Voucher (single use) or gift card (multiple use)

Used: Yes/No (voucher only)

Active: Yes/No. Vouchers and gift cards created automatically via the method above will be active.

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