Before you continue, make sure you've read About Gift Cards and Vouchers to make sure that this is the kind of method you with to use for your vouchers/gift cards.

A "manual" gift card has to be first created in the backend. This is ideal for businesses that wish to have their gift cards to be physical cards available at the counter. They have to be scanned at the counter when they are bought in order to be activated.

Creating the Gift Card

In order to create a gift card or voucher, you must first create a product that will be linked to the gift card/voucher, eg. "$50 Gift Card".

  1. Go to POS > Products > Add Product

2. Enter the Product Name and Price.

Note: do not set a printer location for your gift card.

3. Under Price, tick Is Voucher.

 4. Click Save, then Close.

5. Go to iPad Menu > POS Menu and add the product to the menu. Click Publish.

6. Go to the Loyalty Marketing module and then to Vouchers and Gift Cards > Vouchers and Gift Cards.

7. Click New Voucher. A new listing with a generated Code will appear in the table below.

8. Select the Product created earlier.
Enter the Amount. This will be automatically copied into the Balance, which will decrease as the gift card is used.
Set an Expiry date if desired.
Set the Voucher Type to Gift Card.
Leave the Used field; this only applies to single-use vouchers.
Leave the Active field as "No"; it will automatically update when the card is activated through purchase. A gift card must be purchased in order to be activated.

Note: If you want to create multiple gift cards with the same information (eg. one hundred $20 Gift Cards), click Generate Vouchers at the top of the page.

If you want to create a voucher instead:

Select the Product. Only products that have Is Voucher ticked in the product details will be available as options. (See Creating Products for Vouchers and Gift Cards.)
Enter the Amount. This is the value of the voucher.
Set an Expiry date if desired.
Leave the Voucher Type as Voucher.
Leave the Used field as "No"; it will automatically update when the voucher has been used.
Leave the Active field; this is only for gift cards.

9. Generate a QR code for each gift card code. You may go to a QR Code Generator like

10. Select Text. Under Free Text, enter the Code as it appears in the Vouchers and Gift Cards table.

11. Download the QR code thus generated, to print or e-mail as a gift card. There can only be one gift card per QR code. If you wish to create one hundred $50 gift cards, they will each need an individual QR code.

Selling the Gift Card

  1. On the POS, sync the menu.

2. In the Point of Sale screen, tap the gift card that the customer wishes to purchase.

3. Present the QR Code of the gift card to the iPad camera to scan.

Note: You will need to have granted the Abacus POS application access to the iPad's camera. Alternatively, you can use a scanner connected to the iPad that supports 2D scanning; press the barcode symbol (between the sync icon and the menu icon) and scan the code.

4. A code will be attached to the order when the QR Code has been successfully read.

5. Once the customer has made a full payment to this order, the gift card will be activated and can be used.

Paying with the Gift Card

Before attempting payment with a gift card, ensure that Scan for Voucher Mode has been enabled in Settings.

  1. Add your items to the order, then press Pay as per normal.

2. Press Options beneath the number pad and select Gift Card.

3. You will be prompted to scan the QR code of the gift card. Hold the QR Code (printed or on mobile) in front of the iPad camera.

4. Once the QR code has been scanned, the gift card information will appear, including the gift card number, the card balance before the purchase, the card amount being spent, and the card balance after purchase. It will also specify the expiry date.

By default, the Maximum amount of gift card money will be spent in the transaction. If there is $50 on the gift card, and the current purchase is $30, $30 of the gift card will be spent in that transaction, and the remaining $20 would be paid through other means. If the required payment exceeds the gift card amount, the customer can pay the remainder through other means (cash, credit card, etc.).

Untick Maximum if your customer wishes to spend less than the available amount in that transaction. That is, if the current purchase is $50, and the gift card has $50, the customer can choose only to spend $30 of that $50 with the gift card, and pay the remaining $20 through other means (cash, credit card, etc.).

5. Settle any leftover payment as per normal and Complete Sale.

Note: A gift card and a voucher can be combined to make a payment, but a gift card cannot be combined with a gift card, and a voucher cannot be combined with a voucher.

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